August 30, 2014.

Great news! Ghost has found his forever home.

We have a Ghost among us!

Ghost was abandoned last May 2014 by his original family. His foster family found him tied to a fence, rescued him and fell in love with him. They wanted to keep him, however, Condo life isn't for Ghost.

Ghost is currently up to date on his immunizations and has been Vet checked. He is still intact and will need to be neutered. Ghost is a friendly young male (9 months old) with basic obedience training. He is smart and willing to learn.

A young active or mature family with knowledge of the Samoyed breed and lots of time to spend training will be a must!

For more information on Ghost, or, if you think you can give a young playful pup a great home, please contact us directly at 705 466 6495.

Marshmellow's owner passed away suddenly and she needs a new home.....

July 27, 2104 - Sweet Marshmellow has a new home!

Thank you to all who helped find this girl her forever home!

We have been told she is a sweet heart and loves to be beside you. She doesn't bark but plays ball and fetch! She is a companion that is content sitting with you to give a hug or a listening ear! Loves going for walks and to the Cottage. Enjoys being brushed and socialising with everyone she meets and she is happy to live with cats. Pretty Much Perfect!!!

Her only vice is Skateboards and fireworks, she will try and get away...

Marshmellow is her name, or Marsha for Short, and she is in excellent health for a 10 year old spayed female. Vet checked and UTD on all vaccinations and heartworm meds. Even her teeth are sparkling white! Yes she was well looked after by her family.

We have her registration papers and all her health history to pass along.

1 year old Sammie needs a home...

May 17, 2104 - He has been placed!

Thank you to all the wonderful folks that enquired about the one year old rescue. The owners have placed him into a home. We hope his new owners seek out education from professionals. As well, seek out knowledge from Samoyed Breeders and the Samoyed Association Of Canada for support!


May 12, 2014

Full of love, friendly, happy and playful! Lovely 1yr old male samoyed who is from a reputable Breeder. Unfortunatly, for him, two homes have failed him.

He is a large boy with a puppy attitude! He will need a family with experience with Samoyeds but also, have the time to put into training him.

He is smart and has picked up fast! An obedience course is a must for him! He has tons of energy and is willing to play ball all day long. At the end of the day he is happy to chill on the floor beside you or come for a belly rub.

He adores other dogs and gets along with everyone. Because of his size, he needs a home with a properly fenced backyard and an active family, that enjoys spending lots of time with a canine companion.

Serious applications will be considered.

Sugar and spice and everything nice...

December 3, 2012

Great news for Sugar!

Sugar has landed in the Sugar Bowl...

This lucky girl is now loved by Brian and Linda Osmond.

Sugar is as Sweet as her Name!!!

Sugar was surrendered, by her owner, to the Samoyed Association of Canada Rescue. She is approximatley 5½ years old and in perfect health! She is also up-to-date on all her shots.

Sugar was used to being the centre of attention and would sleep on the bed. She went everywhere with her family. As life changed and kids came into the picture, Sugar was no longer aloud to be in the bed. Kiddie gates were keeping her from being with the family, which we know, for a Samoyed is like torture!

Sugar is very smart and very attached to people. For a dog of her age, she is extremely fit and would do well in a home that is active. She also loves family outings. She wants to play with other dogs, adores children and anyone that will show her attention.

She can be a bit noisy and vocal but with some time and obedience training, she will be just fine!

This girl would also excel in Agility Obedience and would be a Great Therapy Dog!

She comes from a very well known, reputable kennel in Eastern Canada. Her breeder is aware of the situation but rather shipping her back East, it was agreed that she would have a better chance of rehoming here in Ontario.

Interested in knowing more about Sugar please give us a call!

July 14, 2012

Great news for Breezie!

Breezie has found her Forever home with Marg and Maureen Couse! Breezie has gone from 108 down to 88Lbs. She is now able to jump in and out of the Van! Her New Brother has been showing her the ropes at their cottage and at home!

Thank you Marg and Maureen for thinking of a Rescue! We could not be happier for all of you!

May 24, 2012 - Breezie is gently and kind and looking for a new place to call home

Gemini and Tauri

Her name is Breezie and she is the sweetest Sammie in the World! Breezie's Story is sad, as her owner passed away and left no provisions for her, or her other Samoyed friend. Breezie is a very healthy girl, weighing in at 110lbs. A bit heavy so she will need someone that can help her lose some weight. She is 5 1/2 years old, knows basic Obedience and she is quiet!

Breezie would do well in a home with another dog or someone that works or is home all the time!

Breezie just had a check up today with our Veternarian. All is good other then her weight!!! Exercise, play and lots of Breezie time...

If you would like to know more about Breezie and think you can give her a Forever Home feel free to enquire.

May 2, 2012

Great news for Lily!

Lily has Found what she has been looking for; a loving Forever Home! A home with another Samoyed, named Luna. Luna showed her the ropes around the big back yard and lots of Play Play Play!

Sammie Heaven!

Enjoy your new Life Lily!

February 29, 2012 - Lily needs a Home

Lily came into our Care this past weekend; she is a very special Samoyed who comes from a well-known Canadian Kennel.

Lily's owners first were contacted us last fall. At the time they were willing to work with us so Lily would not have to come into our program. Lily got on the treadmill and the extra exercise seemed to have helped.

Two weeks ago Lily's owners got back in touch with us. This time Lily had to leave as their newborn son had an allergic reaction to Lily. Lily is approximately 3 years old, up-to-date on her Vaccinations, spayed and has had some training. She is very vocal, friendly, happy and a extremely active girl.

Lily would excel with someone with experience in handling Samoyeds. She would also do very well with an active family. This girl would be great at Agility!

Please contact us or Judi Elford for information about Lily.



Gemini and Tauri


Gemini and Tauri have found an new home with Mike and Pilar Ford. Both are SAC Members and long time Sammie lovers and Owners.

Thank you to Judi Elford, Dr. Judy Wasserfall, Dr. Leslie Jocelyn, Lisa Hubenig and my Husband, David, for once again putting our Beloved Breed in hands that Care.

Read their Story....

These two beautiful girls came into our Rescue, they are Mother and Daughter. They are both co-bred from very well known Canadian kennels.

The situation is really quite sad for their owner as she found herself overwhelmed with personal issues and life in general. She was unable to continue to care for her girls. It broke my heart and I felt her heart ache when she surrendered them to the Samoyed Rescue. Both these girls, Gemini and Tauri, are very well looked after and are current with their shots. The oldest, Gemini, is 8 and acts like a 3 yr old and is very healthy. Her daughter, Tauri, is 5, healthy and is a real sweet heart. They are used to cats and being around other dogs and adults. Their previous owner would like Gemini and Tauri to be adopted together. That would be our first choice, however, it is not a requirement. This may not be possible and the most important thing is that they both find loving, forever homes. If you are interested you should be aware that this is a 110% commitment. We will work with the prospective new owners and help make the transition as smooth as possible. It is best also to be educated in this breeds grooming and exercise requirements. For more details feel free to call us or send us an email.

April 2, 2011

Great news from Reba's family

Hi Suzanne and David

I tried emailing you from your site and am not sure if it arrived or not. I know that Cathy Walker gave you an update on Reba but thought I would let you know from our family how she is doing. Say the posting on your website - please put an update that she is in a very happy loving home and is part of our family.

First of all, thank you. Reba has become part of our family - well from the first time she walked into our home. We tried to get her to sleep in a crate the first night - not a good thing and since then she has had her own bed and the run of the house.

After having her coat brushed, cleaned, nails trimmed, a few vet visits to bring her shots, worm treatments and a hot spot on her tail treated, she looks amazing. She is still over weight, but she is walked and run constantly and on a healthy diet. Her teeth are still a little rough but so much better then they were.

She is a part of our family, hard to remember what it was like before she came to us. Yes Miss Reba has a very stubborn streak and every once in a while her and I have a discussion about who is boss but when she gets into one of her "snooty" moods and gives you the look over the shoulder it is quite funny.

Well I just tought I would give you the update. Miss Reba has made herself quite at home here (no she has not destroyed her home or herself), made lots of new friends - especially the teenage boys in the neighbourhood who come to visit her) and has made our family hers as well as our friends. She greets everyone at the door and makes them feel welcome and always knows when she puts her chin on your need and gives you the look with those big brown eyes that there is going to be a whole lot of loving coming her way.

Thank you again for taking her in - that started the process going and we ended up with an addition to our family - Miss Reba is now our baby girl (my husband's nick name for her).


Nancy, Don, Amber, Shane and Reba Loken

August 7, 2010

Here we go again!!!

We have, with us, a beautiful 3 yr old female that was up for sale a year ago on Kijjiji... boy I hate that site! Last year around this time a couple decided to pick up their family and move back to England. They contacted the breeder of the dogs and she agreed to take them back! Two weeks later they were sold to a couple who really only wanted one of the Samoyeds. So here we are a year later and the dog is back up on the site for sale.

Her name is Reba and evidently was left in the crate for way too long and developed anxiety issues that led her to eat off her tail and chew at herself. So Sad! Reba is very playful and a happy go lucky dog but needs medical attention as she has not had her shots or her heartworm meds. Reba will also need to be placed in a home where the owners will be home with her. She needs time to be a dog and given time to heal her soul. Reba can be destructive not only to herself, but to your home if left un- supervised. I would suggest that if interested in Reba, The new owners should be willing to be educated and mentored on the Breed. You need to know what you will getting into beforehand. Every dog deserves a good home and being bounced around is not what we want for Reba!

Reba will be going home to her Breeder where we hope that she will be able to heal and find a loving home for the rest of her life.

Doing Rescue is very emotional and in some cases, thankless work. We breeders, that do rescue, love the breed and feel that we are out there always wondering could this be one of our own. We understand that family situations do come up but instead of selling your friend on a website call your breeder or a Breed Club. The Breed Club will have names of people to help you find your friend a forever home.

UPDATE: August 2010

Great news!

Tasha has found her forever home with Linda and Brian. Thank you Lisa Hubening, SHERSHAN SAMOYEDS for all your help. Thank you, as well, to Judi Elford of Vanderbilt Samoyeds for passing Linda and Brian onto us. Linda has reported that Tasha is happy and content and she will keep us up-to-date on how she is doing.

June 15, 2010

Tasha's Story

We know that Tasha is living in London Ontario and must find a new home by August 2010. She is spayed and up-to-date on her inoculations and is about 10 years old. Tasha gets along with children, dogs and cats. Tasha's original owner had to find her a new home as she had MS and could not keep her, this was about two years ago. Since then Tasha has been loved by her new owner who only wants the Best for her!

Her current owner has to move to an apartment and cannot take Tasha with her. The current owner has has done the right thing by contacting Samoyed Breeders, that are ethical, and want to make sure that Tasha finds a Forever Home.

We are in the process of working together with her owner to give Tasha the Best! We have asked for her papers, if any, and her microchip number so we can find out a little more about her. We will update with Tasha's information and, hopefully, a picture as it comes to us.

If you think you would be interested in a well behaved loving Sammie with a few good years ahead of her, please contact us.


UPDATE - Heavenly is going Home!!

Turns Out she had a second Microchip!!!!! Of all places, the Microchip had migrated down to the front of the left leg. We must have checked this dog 1/2 a dozen times!!!!

Heavenly's story...

I bathed Heavenly for surgery, to remove the lump, that turned out to be a sebaceous cyst. Once Heavenly was under, Judy Wasserfall DVM, who so kindly donated her time, checked again for a microchip and behold the microchip number popped up! We were able to trace the chip, through Canada Chip, to her Breeder. Turns out Heavenly is a Vanderbilt, with breed puppy groups awards under her belt!

Judi Elford was one of the first to respond to numerous emails regarding this girl and is happily providing Heavenly a home until she is adopted!

To the family that adopted Heavenly... you should be ashamed!!!!! No matter what the circumstance a breeder will always put the dogs first. We all want to know the good and the bad no matter what the circumstances.

David and I are thrilled to know that she will be going home and feel that we did the right thing by this beautiful creature. We do it because we love the breed. We do it because it could be one of our own! We do... FOR THE LUV OF SAMS!

Please note: Even though our dogs are micro chipped and we think they are safe the chips can migrate. In this case persistence and rechecking found the microchip. If your animal goes missing or you find a stray, please make sure the whole dog is scanned!!!!!

It is great that the SPCA Volunteers scan when animals come into the shelter, but this case demonstrates that we need to scan the entire animal. Three breeders and two vets missed this one! Lesson Learned!

A BIG Thanks to Judy Wasserfall DVM, for being another Angel in this Sammie's life! To My Husband David for once again taking on my crusade! And Thanks to all who tried to Help!